38th Annual
William Bell Memorial Tuba and Euphonium Day

The Bill Bell Tuba Day is an afternoon-long celebration of the life of Bill Bell. The primary activity for participants is taking part in a large tuba/euphonium choir with a variety of participants that range in skill from elementary students to professional musicians. The only requirement to participate is an instrument (tuba/euphonium) and the love of playing.

12:30-1:00 Registration
1:00-2:45 Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble Rehearsal (bring a music stand)
2:45-3:00 Break
3:00-3:45 Clinic by Mr. Justin Wells
4:00-5:00 Concert (Free to Public at Perry Methodist Church)
5:30-5:45 Memorial Performance at Mr. Bell's Gravesite
6:00-??? Socializing and Planning for 2016